Supporting Confidence One Woman at a Time

From Their Hearts to Their Heals

 The Mission of InsideOut is to provide services to all women who are in need of confidence building workshops. This is open, but not limited to women coming from support programs,life crisis situations, and/or economic hardship.

 ∞ Program Overview ∞ 

This program is built on restoring confidence in women of our community who have been involved in alcohol and/or substance abuse, victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, income crisis, loss of job, and/or struggle with confidence and are on the path to restoring their lives.

Several classes are provided in all aspects of creating and empowering success in the women of our community. Women have the option to participate in classes they feel will be valuable for themselves. Our goal for these classes is to instill a sense of confidence, beauty, health, and inner strength. We want each woman to know that their potential is to be strong, capable, and successful. 

Women will have the option to participate in classes and workshops designed to educate and help them with job readiness skills, nutrition on a budget, goal setting, personality traits, journal writing, body image, and dressing for success. In addition there are classes covering various topics presented by motivational speakers. These topics will change depending on the needs and interests of participating women.

A special night is set aside for our younger generation. This group includes girls from age 13 to 17. We have special speakers addressing topics such as body image and self-esteem.

A group of women are chosen who have gone through at least one of our classes, and are awarded a complete makeover day of pampering and education. During this time we cover skin care, application techniques, and appropriate styles. Each women has the option to go to a salon and receive a new hair cut and style, as well as have help in choosing a professional and casual outfit that is right for their own body type and skin tone from our store. They then have a final photo shoot, and that completes their special day!

All of these classes are open to

the general public at NO COST.

Women do NOT need to have a referral

in order to attend. 

This program is meant to not only build up and support the women in need in our community, but with their success, they may also be able to support the next generation of women to come. InsideOut was creating to be an inviting warm environment where women are supported, guided, and nurtured from Their Hearts to Their Heals.


∞ Support Program Criteria ∞


InsideOut  provides a free outfit to any woman who comes in to our shop with a written referral form, from one of the local support programs such as, Progress House, The Center for Violence Free Relationships, The Infant Parent Center, Mercy Housing etc. If you are interested in this service, please contact your support program or us, for referral forms. 

(530) 391-7446 

(The service is limited to one outfit per person, per 6 months.)



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 "This program was designed and inspired by the women of Progress House."

                                                                                                            By Ashleigh Holst

InsideOut Hearts to Heals is a Community Project

Fiscally Sponsored by MarinLink and operates under

Non Profit 501(c)3 status.

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